Fine artist and jeweller, Julie Kuyath combines her formal training in both fields to create sublime collages from the pages of high-end fashion magazines. Inspired by mythology, symbolism and folklore, the results are intricate, richly decorative works in which Julie adorns her subjects in an array of diamonds and pearls.

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“I am an artist obsessed by collage. My work is created by meticulously tearing and hand-cutting magazine pages into circles and strips and arranging them onto canvas to depict my surrealist imaginings. Precision is everything, but my working methods are quite often vigorous and impulsive.

Once I start a piece it consumes me, I become obsessed by it. I love heaping on texture, layers of paper, layers of emotion until I feel that it might be time to step back and leave it alone. My collages are often complex labyrinthine arrangements which produce optical illusions with their intricate colouration and texture.

I have a romantic sensibility and find myself drawn to the exotic and the untamed. My themes explore intuition, and I draw on the influences of mythology, symbolism, folklore tales and the natural world for inspiration. I have a magpie’s eye for all that glitters and is bejewelled, which is why fashion magazines are my ideal medium to work with.

I was born in New Mexico, United States but raised in England. I gained a BA in Fine Art at Hull University and in later years I studied Silversmithing and Jewellery Design at London Guildhall University. My jewellery background has undoubtedly informed my Art. Elaborate necklaces creep into my compositions and objects and creatures are adorned with gold, diamonds and pearls. The end result is highly decorative and disciplined. The technical skills I acquired during my training as a jeweller have given me prowess with the scissors.

My ultimate goal is to recycle and breathe new life into discarded medium.”